University of Michigan has an abundance of resources for students, but we consistently hear from students that they, “don’t know which ones are for me.” The WISE Hub is designed to help you figure out your own definition of success and build the map you need to help you get to your final destination. 

We have created the WISE Hub to make it easier for you

  • identify the specific resources that you might need to thrive in STEM,
  • access “just-in-time” learning experiences for different stages of your life at U-M, and
  • track and be rewarded for your professional, academic and social growth as STEM students.

Some of the activities suggested in the WISE Hub are to attend a WISE event; you can visit our events page for upcoming events. Many of the activities in the WISE Hub are focused on exposing you to other units and experiences on campus. To learn more about the WISE Hub, check out the video below.

Workshops, Events, Panels and Programs

Graduate students are invited to participate in WISE workshops, events, panels and programs focusing on success in the academy, work-life balance, dissertation writing, career success.

Visit our events page for upcoming events.


WISE can provide NSF Broadening Impact programs for grants through our Girls in Science and Engineering summer camp. if you would like to partner with us for pre-college outreach, email umwisegise@umich.edu.

WISE is occasionally able to collaborate on research projects related to women in STEM. For more information, contact Faculty Director Melissa Gross at mgross@umich.edu.

Graduate Student Organizations

WISE provides support to several graduate student organizations including:

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