WISE is here to help you succeed in STEM

WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) is a campus wide community of faculty, staff and students that work together to ensure all women and non-binary students and postdoctoral scholars at U-M have the support they need to thrive in STEM. Our programs are designed for girls, women and non-binary individuals but are open to all.

Cultivate Students’ Skills

WISE helps students and postdocs

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  • weave their support net,
  • hone their academic skills,
  • sharpen their STEM skills,
  • unpack the connections between STEM experiences and social identities,
  • prepare for their chosen profession, and
  • grow into a STEM leader.

Strengthen Our Community

No one succeeds without the support of others. WISE is here to help you build your community and connect you to the broader STEM community at University of Michigan.

WISE collaborates with student organizations, hosts social events, and celebrates the accomplishments of our community members at the Willie Hobbs Moore Awards ceremony.

Change The System

Ensuring that all women and non-binary students and postdocs have what they need to thrive cannot be about “fixing the learner.”

WISE conducts research on the STEM experiences of students, works with faculty and administrators to improve the climate for learners from marginalized communities, and partners with other units focused on STEM equity.

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