Other U-M Summer Programs

We have compiled a list of opportunities for pre-college students operated by other units within the University of Michigan, many with support from WISE.

Girls in Music and Technology (GiMaT) summer commuter program

The Department of Performing Arts Technology offers a 2 week commuter summer camp on the cutting edge of music technology. Campers use state-of-the-art labs to teach students to make, edit, program, and record their own music.

Run by UM’s School of Music, Theater & Dance (SMTD) with support from UM WISE Program. 


miRcore summer camps are available for academically motivated high school students (including incoming freshmen). 

2021 summer camps include:

Computational Biology Research Camps

This camp is for academically motivated current (2020-21) high school and incoming 9th grade students interested in computer, math, science, and medicine. The camp will focus on the role of genomics in diseases and symptoms and guide students in performing computational biology research using patient RNA expression data to identify genes related to certain diseases. There will be a separate basic genomics session to accommodate students who have not taken first year high school biology. Students will learn basic AI concepts in identifying diseases.

Biotech Sequencing Camp

Single cell RNA-seq represents a new frontier in biomedical research. Obtaining all gene expressions of tens of thousands cells individually is daunting and exciting. Yes, all tens of thousands of cells individually simultaneously.  In this camp, you will learn next generation sequencing (NGS) technology and understand the differences among DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and single cell RNA-seq. Students will then explore genome sequencing (DNA-seq) data.

This camp is all computational being virtual but a crucial component of sequencing research. Sequencing data analysis is a skillset highly sought in many biomedical labs.  

Just like all our camps, this is also a research camp where you will generate results while learning necessary science and skills. Sounds intimidating? No worries. We have wonderful, fun group leaders who will guide you along the way. No programming experience is needed but we will assume you have a high school biology-level understanding of transcription and translation. Though minimal knowledge is required, we do need your attention, curiosity, and most importantly, open mind to fully engage including participation in oddball games. When you have a chance to obtain your own sequencing data, we hope you will analyze some data on your own.

R Programming & Research Camps

This camp provides statistical methods in the context of disease research. It is for current (2020-21) high school and exceptional 8th grade students who want to learn computer programming in relation to future biomedical applications. R is a statistical tool and programming language with excellent graphic options, useful in various application areas such as medicine, public policy, and economics. After R is introduced, the students will assess current biomedical problems and identify useful tools for research. Students will be encouraged to write a program to aid in biological research and to share the program online as authors such as through GitHub.

The R Programming Camp is not just a programming camp; it provides essential tools and datasets with which students can develop their own research projects. Students will learn TCGA big data analysis using microRNA sequencing data of cancer patients. We will use an R machine learning package during the camp.

Two-week Research Camp

Students with camp certificates will be qualified to become miRcore volunteers. Each school year, high school miRcore volunteers choose a disease of focus of the year, collaborate with similar level students to research the disease throughout the year, and lead a school club GIDAS (pronounce: guide-us; Genes in Diseases and Symptoms). The summer camp is the starting point to build high school student research network in San Diego and other regions (main one in Ann Arbor, Michigan).

Electrify Tech Camp

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers 5 commuter summer camps on different topics in engineering.


To find additional opportunities for pre-college students at the University of Michigan, please visit YouthHub.

The UM Center for Educational Outreach created YouthHub in 2018 as a searchable database of all UM outreach opportunities aimed at pre-college students.